Why You Should Protect Your All-In-One with an IP55-Rated Enclosure

by | Apr 1, 2021 | Hardware Info

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An IPrated enclosure allows device placement in industrial settings that are not traditionally suitable for electrical equipmentDepending on your application, you may need to place your MarqMetrix All-In-One (AIO) Process Raman System in a classified or outdoor location, leaving it potentially exposed to unwanted intrusions. At MarqMetrix, we believe that our Raman systems should be placed at the point of need, no matter the application. This is why we build and recommend IP55 certified enclosures to protect your AIO against dust ingress and moistureWith our IPrated enclosures, you can rest assured that your MarqMetrix spectrometer will run continuously, even in the toughest conditions.  



MarqMetrix fan-cooled IP55rated enclosures are made out of durable 316 stainless steel, which provides excellent resistance to corrosion and rust. The enclosures also come with IP-rated conduits grommeted through-holes that  allow the pass-through of electrical, communication and fiber optics cables while keeping dust and water out. The AIO’s solidstate hardware runs continuously thanks to MarqMetrix factory calibration. By placing your AIO in an IP-rated enclosure, you can benefit from uninterrupted and high-quality analysis in demanding environments. 


The pre-wired enclosure makes setup a breeze, plug in, turn on, and start sampling


Washdown Safe

Certain applications require washdown-resistant equipment. In food and beverage processing, manufacturers must be able to safely and thoroughly sanitize equipment to remove organic matter residuesAs mentioned above, MarqMetrix IPrated enclosures are built from 316 stainless steel, considered to be the highest standard for sanitation due to its resistance to corrosion and rust. The enclosure’s hygienic construction allows installation at the point of need for online food and beverage process monitoring. By placing your AIO in the production line, you can acquire real-time composition characterization to optimize flavor profiles and physical product attributes. 


Placement of the systems within the enclosure makes for easy access to necessary ports, cables and connections


Easy Setup

We are proud to make some of the most user-friendly and easytooperate process Raman systems on the market. When you purchase one of our IPrated enclosures, the setup process remains quick and painlessa pre-wired box means all you need to do is install your AIO, make the necessary connections and you are ready to collect valuable compositional information in harsh conditions. There is no recalibration required, meaning no hassle once the box is up and running.  


IP enclosures are capable of protecting up to two All-In-One boxes for easy multi-channel sampling


Multi-Channel Capability

Due to the AIO’s small footprint and stackable mounting options, MarqMetrix IP enclosures can be custom ordered to house up to two Raman systems for multi-channel sampling. Measurements from multiple points in the production process help paint a complete image of your processes. With a multi-system enclosure, our customers are better able to monitor and manage their production system. 


IP certification ensures protection from dust and water ingress


Built for Safety

Not only is the enclosure easy to set up, but it is also designed to keep workers and equipment safe with optional door interlocks. If the enclosure door should open during operation, a door interlock system will automatically disable the laser and cut power to the AIO to ensure operator safety. In an event where there is loss of power to the AIO, the eventual reboot will not impact the electronics in any way. In the case of an x-purge, the purge system will go through its purge and pressurization cycles before the analyzer powers up. Placing one or more of our AIO systems in an IP enclosure can provide many tangible benefits. Ultimately, an enclosure allows you to place your Raman system at the point of need with peace of mind. For more information, please contact us.


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