Five Things You Didn’t Know About the MarqMetrix BallProbe®

by | Nov 8, 2021 | Hardware Info

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1. If You can Touch a Sample, You can Take a Measurement

MarqMetrix TouchRaman® technology allows you to simply touch the end of your BallProbe to the sample and take a Raman measurement. BallProbe’s short focal length can accurately analyze liquids, solids, slurries, powders, and heterogeneous mixtures, while eliminating user to user variation.


2. BallProbe is Available in Multiple Shapes and Sizes

The MarqMetrix BallProbe comes in various sizes for different applications. Whether you need probe that can withstand harsh environmentsmoderate chemical exposureor demanding bioprocessing settingswe have a BallProbe that will work for you. 


3. BallProbe is Built to Last

Ultra-resilientBallProbe is designed to withstand temperatures from -20c to 150c and pressures up to 6,000 psi. No matter what you want to measure, BallProbe can take the heat and pressure! 


4. BallProbe is Compatible with Multiple Raman Systems

While BallProbe is designed for use with the MarqMetrix All-In-Oneit is also compatible with a number of other Raman systems. All MarqMetrix Raman probes are incredibly easy to swap, giving our customers additional flexibilityBallProbe self-aligns, eliminating downtime associated with probe swaps. 


5. BallProbe is Customizable

At MarqMetrixwe know that our customers have unique applications that require powerful solutions. BallProbe can be manufactured to custom specs and from the most suitable materials for your application upon request. 

Are you interested in learning more about the MarqMetrix BallProbe? Visit our product page or contact us for more information.  

MarqMetrix makes probes for a wide variety of applications. Watch the video below to learn more about our probe offerings:


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