MarqMetrix to Showcase Raman Technology at Carbon Capture Tech Expo in Houston

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MarqMetrix, a leading provider of advanced analytical solutions, will be attending the highly anticipated Carbon Capture Tech Expo in Houston. Taking place on June 28-29, this event brings together industry leaders and innovators to discuss and showcase cutting-edge technologies in the field of carbon capture. We invite you to join us at Stand 1720, where we will demonstrate how our Raman technology can revolutionize carbon capture processes.


Exploring the Power of Raman Technology:

Raman spectroscopy is a powerful analytical technique that provides valuable insights into chemical composition, molecular structures, and reactions. The MarqMetrix All-In-One harnesses the full potential of Raman spectroscopy to address the challenges associated with carbon capture. Our innovative solutions offer precise and real-time monitoring capabilities, enabling operators to optimize their carbon capture processes with unparalleled accuracy.

Raman offers numerous benefits that make it highly advantageous for carbon capture processes. Firstly, its exceptional sensitivity allows for the detection of even trace amounts of impurities in the gas stream, enabling precise monitoring of the chemical composition changes throughout the process. Second, as a non-destructive technique, Raman ensures that the sample remains intact, facilitating continuous monitoring of the gas stream without interfering with the capture process.

Moreover, the real-time monitoring capability of Raman analysis provides immediate feedback, allowing for prompt adjustments and optimization of the carbon capture process. Raman is versatile and enables analysis at different stages of carbon capture, ranging from incoming feedstock analysis to monitoring the transformation process and validating the quality of the final product.  Lastly, the adaptability of Raman spectroscopy allows for the analysis of a wide range of materials, including gases, liquids, and solids. MarqMetrix Raman probes can effectively analyze all these sample types, further underscoring its versatility and suitability for various carbon capture processes.


Visit Stand 1720 to Witness the Future of Carbon Capture:

During the Carbon Capture Tech Expo, our team of experts will be available at Stand 1720 to showcase the capabilities of our Raman technology and demonstrate how it can benefit carbon capture processes. We will walk you through the features and advantages of our cutting-edge solutions, highlighting their potential to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize environmental impact. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the future of carbon capture and learn how our Raman technology can benefit your operations.

About MarqMetrix:

MarqMetrix is a leading provider of advanced analytical solutions, revolutionizing industries through its cutting-edge Raman technology. With a focus on accuracy, efficiency, and sustainability, MarqMetrix empowers researchers and producers to unlock new insights and drive innovation in a range of applications, including alternative protein production.

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