MarqMetrix Hosting Technical Talks, Exhibiting at Gulf Coast Conference

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Join the MarqMetrix team in Galveston, TX on October 11-12 for the Gulf Coast Conference. Visit booth 1216 to experience the latest model of the All-In-One Process Raman Analyzer and speak to our experts about the rapid analysis of refined fuels and component streams.

Don’t miss technical talks hosted by MarqMetrix:

Tuesday, October 11
9:10 AM – 9:40 AM
Room: Rose

Rapid Determination of Refined Fuel Properties Using a Novel Solid State Raman Analyzer

Speaker: Tom Dearing, MarqMetrix Director of Chemometrics

Raman spectroscopy is an ideal candidate for refined fuels analysis, having the key attributes of specificity, sensitivity, speed and stability and simplicity. In this paper, we will describe the methodology for collecting high quality Raman spectra and the strategy for turning the spectral data into information to inform the decision-making process. Analysis of multiple fuel types including gasoline, jet and diesel as well as component streams such as reformate, isomerate and alkylate will be described as well as modeling strategies to ensure a simplified approach for laboratory workflow for technicians and operators.

Wednesday, October 12
11:05 AM – 11:35 AM
Room: Iris

MarqMetrix in the Middle: How to reduce cost and improve profit with Raman spectroscopy

Speaker: Grant Kerkman, MarqMetrix Director of Product Management – Energy

The financial health and wellbeing of Midstream Oil & Gas companies relies on minimizing cost and operational expenses without sacrificing quality or system reliability. Limitations in analytical technology have prevented Midstream operators from fully unlocking their potential in cost reduction, until now. By utilizing MarqMetrix’s revolutionary Raman spectroscopy, Midstream operators now can make crucial, data-driven decisions in real time to minimize costs and drive profitability. This paper will outline the new capabilities brought to the Midstream market segment by the MarqMetrix All in One Raman analyzer by using innovative optics and chemometric modeling. The paper will also provide guidance through three unique case studies: transmix reduction of refined fuels, LPG product blending, and terminal loading operations. In all three cases, one will see that the speed of response and ability to perform quick, accurate measurement allows an operator to unleash the full potential of their operations. By utilizing MarqMetrix’s novel Raman analyzer, a Midstream operator can decrease cost, boost profit, and maintain the same level of quality and reliability that the industry demands.

We look forward to seeing you there. More information about Gulf Coast Conference can be found here.

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