MarqMetrix to Virtually Attend IFPAC 2021, Present Raman Solutions for Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, and Biopharmaceutical Industries

by | Feb 18, 2021 | News

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MarqMetrix to Attend IFPAC 2021

MarqMetrix Founder & CEO Brian Marquardt will highlight how Raman spectroscopy offers businesses actionable and real-time compositional insights for quality control and product development during the 
IFPAC 2021 Interactive Virtual Event. The presentations, occurring on March 1, 2, and 4, will cover Raman solutions for the food & beverageoil & gas, and biopharmaceutical industries.

As Raman hardware continues to evolve and systems become more user-friendly and reliable, the list of potential applications for this non-destructive data-rich technology continues to grow. As director of the Center for Process Analysis and Control, Marquardt has over 20 years of experience with Raman spectroscopy. His presentations, outlined below, will combine his expertise and industry knowledge with recent innovations in Raman to illuminate exciting industry-specific applications.

 The full program is available here.

March 1 at 1pm ET – Application of Process Raman Spectroscopy: From Food to Fuel

 Organized and hosted by Brian Marquardt. Marquardt will present the benefits of process Raman spectroscopy for various industries. This talk will highlight the critical features of Raman spectrometers, including device stability, the use of computer modeling to interpret data, and the qualitative & quantitative analysis that Raman provides for a wide range of industries. 


March 2 at 1pm ET – Process Raman: A New Process Analyzer for the Oil & Gas Industry

Traditional analytical methods for the oil & gas industry are complex, expensive, and time-consuming to operate and maintain. This session will address how Raman spectroscopy has revolutionized process analysis with its high-resolution compositional data and non-destructive nature.

Raman spectrometers eliminate the need for sample prep, enabling continuous inline sampling. Solid-state hardware reduces the need for constant maintenance and drives down the purchase and operation cost, offering an enticing new alternative for oil & gas process analysis.


March 4 at 7:45am ET – Process Raman in Biopharma: From Upstream to Downstream Product Purification

Many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies are moving from small molecule to large molecule manufacturing. This movement brings many analytical challenges in upstream bioreactions and downstream purification. Raman technology is capable of rapidly and accurately measuring numerous analytes in complex environments. During this session, MarqMetrix will present an overview of this technology and focus on in-situ analyte analysis using our patented Bioreactor BallProbe® and our low volume FlowCell™ installed at the output of the purification column.

For more information, visit the IFPAC website.

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