MarqMetrix to Showcase Revolutionary Raman Technology at 2023 IFPAC Trade Show

by | May 30, 2023 | News | 0 comments

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MarqMetrix, a leading provider of innovative Raman spectroscopy solutions, is set to exhibit at the highly anticipated 2023 IFPAC (International Foundation Process Analytical Chemistry) Trade Show. The event, scheduled to take place from June 4-7, brings together a diverse audience of process analytical professionals eager to explore the latest advancements in the field.

Raman spectroscopy has long been recognized as a powerful analytical technique, offering insights into chemical composition and molecular structure. However, MarqMetrix has taken this technology to new heights by developing an advanced, compact Raman system that combines high performance with ease of use. By eliminating the traditional complexities associated with Raman spectroscopy, MarqMetrix has opened the doors for widespread adoption of this technique across various industries.

At booth 409, MarqMetrix will demonstrate the capabilities of their innovative Raman technology, providing attendees with a hands-on experience and showcasing its real-world applications. Visitors will have the opportunity to witness the All-In-One‘s exceptional sensitivity, rapid data acquisition, and reliable results firsthand. The knowledgeable MarqMetrix team will be present to guide visitors through the features and advantages of their cutting-edge technology, addressing any inquiries and sharing insights on how Raman spectroscopy can enhance process analysis and quality control in their respective industries. Visitors will also get to see the new Single-Use BioReactor BallProbe, which enables bioprocessing and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries to protect high-value batches.

“IFPAC is a significant event for process analytical professionals, and we are thrilled to be a part of it,” said John Richmond, Sales Director at MarqMetrix. “Our Raman technology has the potential to revolutionize process analysis, and this trade show allows us to connect with industry experts and showcase the immense benefits it brings. We invite all attendees to visit booth 409 to witness our game-changing technology in action and learn how it can transform their analytical workflows.”

With its groundbreaking Raman technology and commitment to advancing process analysis, MarqMetrix is poised to make a lasting impression at the 2023 IFPAC Trade Show. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the future of process analytical chemistry. Visit booth 409 to meet the MarqMetrix team and experience their revolutionary Raman spectroscopy firsthand.

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