Sustainable Aviation Fuel Production with Raman Spectroscopy: Measuring the Transformation of Materials


Raman spectroscopy isn’t just a tool – it’s the key to transforming the aviation industry sustainably. With Raman, you gain unprecedented insight and control over every step of the sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production process.

In this app note, we cover:

Measuring and Controlling Feedstock: Raman spectroscopy empowers SAF producers to analyze the vibrational spectra of crucial molecular components in their feedstock, ensuring precise measurement and control.

Quality Assurance: Ensuring SAF meets the highest quality standards is non-negotiable. Raman spectroscopy meticulously analyzes the vibrational spectra, guaranteeing that SAF adheres to stringent quality benchmarks.

Process Optimization: With Raman spectroscopy, SAF producers can optimize every aspect of the production cycle. From fine-tuning reactions to maximizing yield, Raman empowers this industry to streamline operations and minimize waste.

Sustainable Transformation: Join the eco-friendly revolution in aviation. Raman spectroscopy isn’t just about producing fuel – it’s about driving sustainable change. By enabling precise control and optimization, Raman contributes to a greener, more environmentally friendly aviation industry.

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What you’ll learn:

  • What Raman is and how to integrate it into your process
  • Requirements for inline Raman analysis for process control
  • Explore the strategies used by a U.S.-based SAF producer to determine the correct distribution of carbon compounds (including aromatics and non aromatics) throughout the transformation process while ensuring the quality of the end product in an efficient manner


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