Raman for Downstream: An Affordable, Data-rich Complement to Existing Analytical Technology


Raman for the downstream segment offers many benefits. Raman spectroscopy has been gaining popularity as a powerful analytical tool in the Energy industry.  A solid-state Raman system like the MarqMetrix All-In-One is a notable example of analytical technology that speeds up analysis, offers flexibility by measuring liquids and gases, and relieves some of the wear and tear on lab equipment required by relevant ASTM standards.

The high-resolution compositional data provided by Raman can give downstream companies detailed insights into their product quality, allowing them to optimize their manufacturing processes. Raman’s linear response to concentration also enables precise measurements of complex samples, which can be difficult to analyze with traditional techniques.

Furthermore, Raman can be used to measure samples in real-time, providing a more efficient way of monitoring production processes. This can help downstream companies reduce costs and increase productivity by identifying and addressing issues quickly.

In addition, the Energy industry has traditionally relied on analytical equipment such as knock engines, vapor pressure analyzers, and gas chromatography to ensure product quality.  Raman can act as a complementary technique; by combining Raman with gas chromatography, for example, companies can obtain more comprehensive information about the composition of their products. In this app note, we cover why Raman is an excellent complement to the industry’s preferred analytical technologies.

A U.S.-based refinery has recently chosen Raman to expedite blend certification and quality assurance. By using Raman spectroscopy, the refinery was able to reduce the time required for blend certification and can now bring product to market faster.

What you’ll learn:

  • What Raman for downstream is and how it offers the Energy industry high-resolution compositional data, linear response to concentration, and the ability to measure samples in real-time
  • How Raman can act as a complement to existing analytical technologies in the lab
  • Why a U.S.-based refinery chose Raman to expedite blend certification and quality assurance

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