Food and Beverage Compositional Analysis | MarqMetrix Process Raman Applications

by | Dec 9, 2020 | Raman In Action

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Food and Beverage: Compositional Analysis of Solid Vegetables

We can use Raman to look at organic plant material, such as the carrots and sweet potato. Carotene is a pigment that humans can easily convert into vitamin A. It is also very easy to detect using Raman. You can see from the spectra below how easily MarqMetrix systems can measure the presence of carotene, as well as sugars and hydrocarbons. We are able to derive a significant amount of nutritional information from vegetables like carrots and potatoes, though our solid measurement is not limited to just vegetables.

Food and Beverage Raman spectrum: raw vegetales

Animal Protein – Fresh, Tender & Juicy

Like vegetables, we can also use Raman to determine a number of quality markers in animal protein. We use a turkey leg in this analysis. Raman allows us to see fat content which correlates in large part with flavor and quality. Furthermore, we are able to see peaks from certain proteins that are related to both the tenderness and juiciness of the turkey.

Food and beverage Raman spectrum: Raw meat

Wine Not?

The last food item we looked at as an example of Raman’s food and beverage applications is wine. The process of making wine involves developing a sugar-rich solution and adding yeast. Yeast consumes the sugar and makes alcohol, two components that are easy to measure with a MarqMetrix All-In-One Process Raman System. In this Raman spectrum of chardonnay, we can see the ratio of sugar to alcohol, determining how sweet and alcoholic it will be. Plus, we are capable of measuring several components that affect certain flavor notes.

Food and beverage Raman spectrum: Alcohol analysis

No Sample Prep, Easy Interfacing

We utilize a wide range of MarqMetrix probes and interfaces to measure different food items throughout this video. Whether that is our TouchRaman BallProbe®, FlowCell™, or our latest addition, the ContactFree probe, we have a probe that will work for your needs. Whether you want to measure by touch, immersion, flow, or take a measurement without being in physical contact with the probe, we have you covered. You can watch this video to learn more about our wide array of probes and sampling interfaces, as well as our custom probes that are manufactured to meet your needs.

The list of applications for Raman spectroscopy continues to grow every day. In the video below, MarqMetrix Application Specialist, Bharat Mankani PhD walks us through some key applications in the food and beverage industry, with a slight Thanksgiving twist. This video explores how MarqMetrix Process Raman systems can provide detailed compositional analysis for both solid and liquid food items, which can be used for quality assurance, determining freshness, and flavor profiling.


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