Unlocking Insights in Downstream Oil and Gas Applications with Raman Spectroscopy


At MarqMetrix, we understand the criticality of accurate and timely data in the downstream sector. Time is of the essence, and traditional methods such as knock engine, vapor pressure analyzer, and gas chromatography, require several hours to provide results. Raman’s real-time analysis capabilities can streamline an onsite lab’s analysis process, expediting quality assurance.

In this brochure, we address how Raman can help refinery onsite labs increase efficiency by providing better data, faster. MarqMetrix core models help labs certify gasoline blends, analyze Naphtha pretreats, identify sulfur peaks, and analyze CO, CO2 and oxygen level concentrations with quick setup.

We also cover how a U.S.-based refinery is using the MarqMetrix All-In-One to certify rack batches while the knock engine is running in the background to produce the custody transfer documentation. By doing this, the refinery is bringing gasoline to the market faster.


Raman benefits:

  • Real-Time Process Monitoring: Monitor your refining and petrochemical processes in real time, enabling prompt identification of impurities, contaminants, and deviations, leading to enhanced quality control.
  • Efficient Quality Assurance: Ensure compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements by leveraging Raman spectroscopy for precise and rapid analysis of your products, enabling faster decision-making and reduced downtime.
  • Effective Troubleshooting: Investigate and resolve process issues swiftly with the ability to analyze and identify the root causes of problems, minimizing production disruptions and optimizing efficiency.


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