Discover how Raman can Replace your GC


Capture and transform carbon more efficiently and cost-effectively with MarqMetrix’s groundbreaking Raman spectroscopy technology. We’re proud to showcase how Raman can enhance carbon capture processes at stand 1720 at the Carbon Capture Technology Expo in Houston, TX on June 28-29.

Join the MarqMetrix team for live demos that show how Raman can replace cumbersome and expensive Gas Chromatographs (GCs). Experience the future of carbon capture with Raman – the smarter, faster, and more versatile solution.

Say goodbye to the complexities of GCs and unlock the benefits of Raman technology:

No more tedious sample preparation: With GCs, a laborious 16-step sample prep process is required before analysis. But with Raman, you can skip this time-consuming step entirely. No more wasting precious resources on sample preparation – simply analyze your samples directly.

Eliminate the hassle of weekly calibrations: GCs demand frequent calibration, consuming valuable time and resources. With Raman, forget about weekly calibrations. Our advanced  factory-calibrated technology provides consistent and reliable results without the need for constant adjustments, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – capturing and transforming carbon efficiently.

Measuring beyond gas: While GCs are limited to gas analysis, Raman takes it a step further. It effortlessly measures liquids, gases, and solids, giving you a comprehensive understanding of your carbon capture process. Don’t settle for partial insights when Raman can provide a complete picture.

Bid farewell to costly consumables: GCs rely on consumables that can quickly add up, putting a strain on your budget. Raman technology frees you from this financial burden. Say goodbye to recurring expenses and embrace a more sustainable and cost-effective solution.

Supercharged analysis in seconds: Waiting for GC results can be agonizing, with analysis times ranging from 5 to 60 minutes. Raman, on the other hand, delivers rapid analysis in just 15 seconds. Instantaneous results empower you to make real-time decisions, optimize your carbon capture process, and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Make the switch to Raman today and transform your carbon capture process. MarqMetrix is at the forefront of this revolutionary technology, helping you achieve greater efficiency, cost savings, and environmental sustainability.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your carbon capture efforts. Experience the power of Raman – the ultimate GC replacement. Complete the form to request a live demo at Carbon Capture Technology Expo.

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