Upstream and Downstream Analysis Made Easy with WAIO

by | May 4, 2021 | Hardware Info

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Upstream and downstream analysis in the biopharma industry can be time consuming, expensive, and pose safety challengesIn high-traffic manufacturing facilities, tight lab spaces limit the options for process analytical technology (PAT). Depending on your application, traditional PATs may be challenging to use in your production process, especially when you need access to data-rich compositional information in seconds, not minutes. Safety also becomes a concern when working in multi-user facilities with sensitive PAT tools. Finally, costs can quickly climb depending on the analytical techniques used. 

Fortunately, there is a robust PAT that addresses these challenges:the MarqMetrix Walkup All-In-One Process Raman system (WAIO) offers easy, safe and continuous upstream and downstream analysis in multi-user facilities or benchtop settings. This article will highlight some of the most important features of WAIO and show you what makes it such a compelling choice for Raman sampling in upstream and downstream biopharma processes.

FDA-approved Class 1 Laser Device

Upstream and downstream analysis technology can present safety concerns in high-traffic manufacturing facilities. To address thisWAIO was designed with safety as a top priority given its intended use by many different users throughout the day. As an FDA-approved Class 1 laser device, WAIO allows experts and non-experts to safely and quickly walk up and take a Raman measurement. The interlocking door function offers additional protection: the door is locked while the laser is in useWAIO’s rugged enclosure also prevents any laser light from escaping, protecting users 


WAIO is an FDA-approved Class-1 Laser Device


Touch & Sample 

In upstream and downstream analysis, the ability to touch and sample can save time and ensure accuracyWAIO takes advantage of MarqMetrix’s TouchRaman® sampling technology, which gives experts and non-experts equal ability to take fast, high-quality and reproducible measurements by simply touching the sample and acquiring data. MarqMetrix probes are designed so that the focal point of the optic is located at the tip of the probe, facilitating material exchange near the surface of the lensThis feature allows you to touch the probe to the desired analyte, or immerse the probe in a solution, and easily take a measurement without user-to-user variation. 


0.125-inch BallProbe® sampling Sulphur on the height-adjustable tray


Sampling solids, liquids, gels, pastes, and powders is a simple process with the WAIOUsing our .125″ BallProbe® and a height-adjustable tray, WAIO can analyze a variety of sample types in different containersmaking it a powerful solution for upstream and downstream analysis. The eighth-inch fitting is perfect for sampling from glass vials, well-plates, or measuring solids directly from the tray. Thanks to WAIO’s solid-state construction, measurements can be taken in fractions of a second. 

Repeatable & Reliable Measurement

User-to-user variation can be hurdle when using specific PAT tools. Repeatable and reliable high-quality measurements facilitate uninterrupted upstream and downstream analysis in biopharma WAIO features the same spectrometer as our All-In-One Process Raman system. As a result, you can expect the same high performance and measurement repeatability. WAIO also arrives factory calibrated, which means minimal maintenance is required over its lifetimesaving users time and money. 


WAIO allows multi-user facilities to continually operate safely and efficiently


To prove how consistent MarqMetrix instruments are, we have an ongoing calibration study that tests the factory calibration settings of one of our Raman systems. This study has been occurring continuously since March of 2019. Our testing shows device stability within 0.1 wavenumbers, exceeding industry standards by 5x. This proven consistency provides customers with the knowledge that every measurement they take is accurate and repeatable.  

Small Footprint, Big Impact 

Space in the lab is always at a premium, with square footage costs sometimes reaching 10x that of traditional office space. As a result, labs found in the biopharmaceutical world can often be small and crowded with equipment. WAIO’s construction is compact so that it doesn’t eat into valuable space. Everything you need to take a high-quality measurement is included, making WAIO a powerful benchtop instrument. Measuring just 30x30x50cm, WAIO can be easily integrated for upstream and downstream analysis. Crowded multi-user facilities or benchtops in a lab can easily accommodate a WAIO system.


WAIO’s size is perfectly suited for use in the lab

Ease of Use, Peace of Mind 

Raman spectroscopy has long had a reputation for being difficult and expensive to implement as an upstream and downstream analysis tool.  At MarqMetrix, our mission is to make Raman accessible to all, from non-experts to PhDs, bfocusing on better hardware and ease of use. TouchRaman sampling makes it easy to take measurements without the need for alignment or constant recalibration. With MarqMetrix factory calibration, users can be sure that the data they collect during upstream and downstream analysis is accurate and reliable. Finally, as a laser safe instrument, WAIO delivers its fast and high-quality results safely. 


The interlock indicator-light illuminates when the door is closed, ensuring safe operation in multi-user facilities


Not only does WAIO provide data-rich compositional information, but it also provides users and operators with peace of mind that their process will not be interrupted by an unreliable device. Click here to learn more about WAIO.  You can also request a demo with a MarqMetrix team member here If you would like to see WAIO in action, check out the video below: 


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