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Raman spectroscopy is a well-established compositional analysis tool in the pharmaceutical industry, employed for over 10 years. The immediate response, nondestructive sampling and structural information Raman provides makes it a go-to tool for development, optimization and process control in pharma.

The MarqMetrix® All-In-One Raman analyzer coupled with a BallProbe® immersion optic or flow cell provides compositional analysis with simple installation, straightforward control, high sensitivity, reproducibility and reliability from development bench to continuous process analysis.

MarqMetrix has supported numerous Raman applications in pharma, ranging from drug discovery through wet granulation and drying, to continuous flow reactor monitoring and control.

TouchRaman® analysis makes it possible to measure and characterize samples in real-time and nondestructively, allowing for exacting precision. With our technology, you can verify raw materials and active pharmaceutical compounds, or conduct quality testing and assurance – even through packaging.

Raman spectroscopy is so naturally suited to compositional analysis in pharmaceuticals that we have developed a separate company for healthcare, PharmID™. To meet the demanding requirements of the healthcare market, we’ve created a suite of products ideally designed to verify composition and concentration of compounded hospital medications, so patients receive what their physicians intended.

TouchRaman gives your pharmacists a reproducible, accurate sampling of liquids, powders, pastes, and suspensions, even on skin. And for the first time, you can install it anywhere your pharmacists need it – with little to no training necessary.



Pharma process Raman spectrometer


MarqMetrix Raman: A Multidimensional PAT Sensor for Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing